How It All Started

It was 2010 when Michael and I first met! We married in 2011 and we wanted to have hobbies that we could do together. He was a hobbyist photographer so I thought photography would be a good couple’s hobby. I signed us up for a personal enrichment class in photography! We took all the photo classes offered at UVA, but I wanted more so I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). It was amazing and I haven’t looked back!! I graduated in 2017!!!

Lytle Photogtaphy Company

An Obsession

It was obvious, after a couple of classes, that I liked portraiture and became obsessed with it! I want to create images for my clients that they will love today and for the rest of their lives, images that they will always look at and remember when, images that their children and family will cherish as well! I also know that most of us want images of our parents, siblings, children and spouse to remember them by when they are no longer with us.

My Before

I’ve loved pictures for as long as I can remember!! In high school I was on the yearbook staff and was editor my senior year. I loved creating layouts and filling them with pictures! I always wanted to learn how to take better photographs but never really pursued that until a few years ago! Once I started taking classes, I couldn't learn it fast enough!!


I cherish images of my Grandpa! I lost him when I was 17. I always felt a special connection to him growing up and for 30 years I’ve missed him. Pictures are what I have left and a few momentos that belonged to him. They make me smile and remember him when I look at them! So I believe in getting in front of the camera whether you want to or not because it will leave a legacy for our families and loved ones that they will treasure when we are gone.

My Why

I have this portrait of me when I was about 2 years old I think. The story goes that the local photographer in our town wanted to enter this image he took of me, in a photography contest. He did and it won an award!! I don’t know any more details than that but how cool! Several years later he offered it to my mother. She bought it and it hung it in my room growing up! A number of years later when I was out on my own, I asked if I could have it and she let me. The photographer, Pete Comer did a beautiful job! I’ll always be grateful that he chose that image, sold it to my Mom and now I have it!!


My Other Obsession

I'm an avid trail rider!  Angel is my grey mare who has taught me more life lessons than I could ever list. We've come a long way together! She is truly my partner & she no longer gets called wretched mare!! I'm so very proud when she gets compliments because I know how far she has come. Copper is everybody's friend & has never met a stranger! Seriously, if you've got something in your pocket, he'll be after it!  I nicknamed him Fabio because he's  handsome, quite the ladies man, & he hates to get dirty! Angel, on the other hand, will roll in every bit of mud she can find! Larkin is my granddaughter's naughty pony! Don't let this cutie fool you, she is definitely the naughtiest! Michael tells our Grandkids I love them but the horses come first! LOL!




Dog Mom

Michael and I are true dog lovers! I couldn't stand it when we lost our Caddy. She was such a special golden. I begged Michael for another dog! We adopted Hank at 8 weeks. He is as rambunctious as they come! His nickname is Trouble! I wasn't satisfied with one so we adopted an older golden to show him the ropes! Kasey is such a good older sister and there is never a dull moment with these two!