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Why you Should Hire a Professional Photographer

January 24, 2021

Camera Phones

It’s true that camera phones have come a long way in the last few years. So do you really need a professional when you’ve got this great camera on your phone? You say “I can just take the photos myself can’t I”? Here are reasons why you should hire a professional photographer!

Sure you can take some nice photos with that camera phone but do you know how to find good lighting? And do you know how to pose people in a flattering way? Do you know how to edit your photo so it looks better than it did straight out of camera (SOOC)? Having a good camera doesn’t automatically mean your pictures will be good. Without experience and education, it’s all a guessing game. Some of your photos may be good or even great but knowing how to consistently create beautiful images requires both.

The Right Equipment

I’ve spent years accumulating the right equipment for the job and learning how to use it! During photography school, I learned which lenses I should use for the type of image I want to create. I know how to get tack sharp photos by adjusting my camera settings. Also, I know how to make adjustments to those settings if I’m not getting the results I want. And finally, I know the rules of composition to create beautiful images you will love.


It takes education and experience to learn how to find good lighting and if it isn’t available, I know how to use flash and light modifiers to create it. I know where to put you with reference to the sun and I know what to do if there is harsh light in the middle of the day to ensure you have even lighting on your face.


Posing is probably the thing that most people have no idea how to do and why they hate their photos. Do you hate getting in photos? I hear this all the time and I know, most likely, it is because their poses in their photos aren’t flattering. Unless you are super thin, it is always a problem. I know how to pose you in a way that is flattering and can take ten pounds off in your photos. Isn’t that what we all want?


Editorial photographs can be a beautiful addition to your gallery. Everyone likes images of the subject(s) looking at the camera. But photos of clients interacting with each other in their own way add feeling and emotion to your gallery. So how do I do that, I use prompts to help you show your emotions whether they be dramatic or fun.


Photographers all have their own style of editing. Vibrant and bright photos are what I strive to create. I combine what I do during your session along with my post-processing to get that style of photo. I spend time after a session figuring out which photos to deliver and applying my style of edit to your photo. This is why it takes time after a session and why images are not delivered the next day.

I’m hoping I’ve convinced you why you should hire a professional photographer for your next big event, that family session you’ve been wanting or those individual photos you’ve been dreaming of!

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  1. Courtney says:

    Yes. Yes. YES! Everyone thinks they can take their own photos because their iPhone camera is great. So annoying! Nothing compares to the experience and knowledge of a trained professional!

  2. Yes to all of this! I highly recommend hiring a professional photographer!

  3. Sara says:

    Great tips for why to hire a professional photographer!

  4. I am so glad you shared this. It’s true, love we love our camera phones but it’s nothing like having the real thing along with someone who is educated and knowledgeable for those special moments! Great article. 🙂


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