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Soundside Family Photo Topsail Beach NC

Family Session on Topsail Sound

September 13, 2020

The Holmes Family

My vacation ended with one more family session on Topsail Sound at Topsail Beach NC! I’ve wanted to take photographs at this spot for a while now and wanted to change it up for Devin and Courtney because we did their family photos on the beach last year. I also wanted some really nice photos of Michael with Devin and our grandkids.

We don’t get to see our Texas grandkids as much as we would like and it astounds me how grown-up Taylor is. She turned 15 in August and is now taller than me! Taylor was five when Michael and I started dating. She was this adorable girl who just wanted me to play with her the first time I went with Michael to visit. Her Pops made her a little play area under the stairs and she kept inviting me in to play with her. It was a tight space and it was an awkward fit but I did it. I’m not sure how it happened but now she is a beautiful young lady who is always respectful, kind, and helpful!

Taylor is a sophomore this year and I asked her what she was thinking about after she graduates from High School. She told me she wants to do something in medicine. I remember playing doctor with her when she was 5. Again and again, I came up with “medical issues” for her to tend to! Looks like she still wants to take care of people!

Courtney is a superstar in my book! She is one of the hardest working women I’ve ever met. She knew her dream a long time ago and pursued it relentlessly! Last year, she became a Chic-fil-A operator! I know there were times she wanted to give up but she never gave in and now she has her own store in Fulshear, TX. I can’t tell you how proud Michael and I are. She is one of the most caring and genuine people you would ever meet. And it is a joy to watch her as a mother, her kids adore her!

Devin is always fun to be around and is truly his father’s son. He is rarely serious, always goofing around and as usual, I’m rolling my eyes at something he has done or said. And, just like his father, he loves his kids! He never coddles even though his love for them is so apparent. He is always their defender and is parenting them into good and kind humans! And what makes me happiest is to see how much he loves Michael and how much he treasures his time with his Dad. I know he misses being with him and wishes he wasn’t so far away.

Devin is nothing short of a chip off the old block. I never know when Michael makes a comment if he is being serious or yanking my chain. I am always asking and he tells me “I would think by now you would know whether I’m being serious or not”. Nope, I don’t know and I’m still guessing after 10 years! He never answers a question with any useful information…… “Michael, what do you want to eat?” Food is his answer. Nothing useful there folks. When I call him on it, he says “I answered the question”. Oh geez! He says his day isn’t made unless I roll my eyes at him at least once. I’m pretty sure I’ve made his day every day we’ve been together!

And, I saved Talan for last because he is such an inspiration to me! This child was born with so much against him but he never ever gives up. I remember Michael calling me when he was born, telling me all this and I was thinking how heartbreaking it must be for Courtney and Devin. I’m sure they were devastated but God had a reason for giving Devin and Courtney this special child! He needed them to be his parents so he could conquer it all!

Talan is a conqueror and lets nothing stand in his way! He may not be able to do things the normal way but he figures things out his way. Courtney and Devin have always let him try things. I remember when he took swimming lessons and I remember him playing with a toddler golf club and hitting a baseball off a batting tee. He plays soccer, baseball and has even learned to snowboard!

And, Talan is a true Holmes in the water! I watched him at the beach with his swim leg going in and out of the water. It’s amazing to see this kid out in the ocean body surfing and a couple of months ago he was in the lake learning to ride a kneeboard with one arm! But, best of all he is a super sweet, happy kid who is truly inspirational to watch and be around! HE NEVER GIVES UP! I love him just the way he is and I’m super proud to call him my grandson!

I hope you’ll enjoy these treasured memories of our family session on Topsail Sound and check out Amputee Blade Runners! They provide Talan with prosthetic legs!

And check out Nubability Athletics! Talan loves going to their camps!

Soundside Family Photo Topsail Beach NC
Soundside Family Photo Topsail Beach NC
Brother & Sister Soundside Topsail Beach NC
Mother and daughter Soundside Topsail Beach NC
Father and son Soundside Photo Topsail Beach NC
3 generations Sound Photo Topsail Beach NC
Father & grandaughter Topsail Beach NC
Soundside Family Photo Topsail Beach NC
Mother & Son Topsail Beach NC
Couple dancing on sound Topsail Beach NC
couple kissing on sound Topsail Beach NC
Grandfather with grandkids on sound Topail Beach NC
couple dancing on sound Topsail Beach NC
Family walking on sound Topsail Beach NC
couple on sound Topsail Beach NC
couple walking on sound Topsail Beach NC
grandfather with grandson on sound Topsail Beach NC
couple on dock Topsail Beach NC
couple on dock Topsail Beach NC
mother and son Topsail Beach NC
couple on sound Topsail Beach NC
couple on dock Topsail Beach NC
mother and daughter on sound Topsail Beach NC
couple on dock Topsail Beach NC
mother and son on sound Topsail Beach NC
couple walking on Topsail Beach NC
grandmother with grandkids Topsail Beach NC
mother and daughter jumping on dock at Topsail Beach NC
couple at sunset on dock Topsail Beach NC
couple on dock at sunset Topsail Beach NC

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  1. Courtney says:

    What beautiful portraits!! Such a wonderful family legacy!

    • Kimberly Forbes says:

      Thank you Courtney!

  2. This family session is so beautiful! Love these sunset portraits!

  3. Jenn says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos of a beautiful family! You captured their personalities so well!

  4. Christi says:

    I love this session so much! The light is stunning and your skin tones are so natural. They will cherish these images forever!!

    • Kimberly Forbes says:

      Thank you Christi! I had wanted to do a session here for awhile!

  5. stacie says:

    Gorgeous family! These family portraits turned out beautifully! Looks like a great location, too!!

    • Kimberly Forbes says:

      Aww, thank you Stacie!

  6. Maria says:

    what a fun family. I love the colors they chose to wear!

    • Kimberly Forbes says:

      Thanks Maria!

  7. Such a beautiful family! I love the colors in these photos!!

    • Kimberly Forbes says:

      Thanks Brittany! I strive to give vibrant images!

  8. Josefin says:

    What a session! The family are adorable and I love the soft colors. And the sunset pictures are beautiful!

    • Kimberly Forbes says:

      Thank you so much Josefin!


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