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Hank Turns 3

May 24, 2021

My super rambunctious furbaby, Hank turned 3 on May 23rd! We adopted Hank after losing our best girl Caddy to a ruptured liver tumor. It was heartbreaking and coming home without her was hard. Michael and I discussed many times getting another dog and agreed to adopt an 8-week old puppy.

Finding Hank

After contacting a friend, we contacted Green Dogs Unleashed (GDU) for our puppy search. My belief is, rescue organizations are always the route to go and I told Michael when we married we would always adopt instead of buying a pure breed. I don’t have anything against pure breeds and I’ve had many but there is always a dog in need at shelters/ rescues and that is where I want to go.


Caddy was a pure breed golden retriever and one of the loveliest dogs I will ever meet. She had an amazing personality. I miss her! And while she can never be replaced, I wanted another dog!


Michael’s Requirements Versus Mine

Michael had lots of requirements for what he wanted in our puppy but I’m not that picky and D-O-G was my requirement. Small or large, short hair or long hair, I don’t really have too much of a preference and my previous dogs have been all sizes and breeds from Pomeranian to Great Dane to Heinz 57. I’ve loved them all except maybe the Pomeranian and he was appropriately named Land Shark by my vet. Let’s just say he had a tendency to bite without warning but my ex loved him and so Josh had a good home until his passing.

Michael likes big dogs and was insistent that was what he wanted. It turned out when we contacted GDU there was a labradoodle who had puppies in foster care. We were sent a couple of pictures and after talking with Michael, he agreed we should pursue adopting one! I filled out the application and waited anxiously to hear back. I was over the moon with excitement when we received our approval. The trouble was we had to wait until their 1st vaccines to see them and then of course we had to wait until 8 weeks to bring him/her home.

Our 1st Visit

Our first visit was to pick our puppy! I couldn’t choose even though there were only two to pick from. It was a litter of 4 and you pick based on your approval date. One puppy had already been chosen and they thought the female in the litter would have sight issues. She wouldn’t be a good fit for us since we would always have to worry about her safety with our horses. Our horses are fine with dogs but it was a chance the rescue did not want to take and I applaud them on their thoughtfulness in placing her and any other dog with a handicap. I made Michael choose and he wanted the bigger puppy which was our Hank!

Hank in foster care
Hank in foster care at Green Dogs Unleashed

Hank Comes Home

I took tons of pictures of them that night and could not wait to bring him home! When the day finally arrived, I was at work so Michael picked him up and brought him home. After work, I excitedly left work and hurried home to greet our new addition!

The day we brought Hank home
The day Hank came home
Hank as a puppy
Michael and Hank

Raising An Energetic Puppy

Raising a good puppy is hard work! I immediately enrolled him in obedience training and have kept it up! He loves to play fetch and learn tricks. It’s so fun to watch his mind work and see him learn new things! Currently, he knows how to sit, down, stay, circle me, back, come, touch, leave it, and wait to be released to eat. I’m currently teaching him to stay after I throw his ball and wait for my release! He is very food motivated so once he figures out what you want, he has the command down quickly because he wants that treat.

Photo by Erika Proctor

And another box of Kleenex bites the dust!
Hank during the Tricks and Games Class at GDU! Photo by Erika Proctor
Christmas Photos at GDU’s Santa Paws Event
Photo by Sharen Montgomery

Hank and Kasey practicing their down stay while Copper naps! Notice the ball in Hank’s mouth and Kasey’s in front of her! They are a little ball obsessed!
Hank’s First Snow
How Hank retrieves the ball after he drops it in the wheelbarrow

Hank is super cute and has an adorable personality! He regularly gets the zoomies and has more energy than he knows what to do with! That means I spend lots of time with him and his sister, Kasey outside throwing their chuck-it balls. I love this goofy fellow and he is incredibly entertaining. When we lost Caddy, I knew we couldn’t replace her but Hank and Kasey provide us with lots of joy and entertainment!

Hank on a trip
Hank with his Chuck-it ball
Hank at Kasey at a Puppy Bowl Party

Hank Goes to Puppy Bowl XV

Did I mention Hank is a Puppy Bowl Puppy! Yep, he was in Puppy Bowl XV! He was submitted by Green Dogs Unleashed and we made the trip to NYC to let him participate! It was a blast and he scored the last field goal of the game in the 4th quarter, ensuring Team Ruff’s victory!

Hank's makes the starting lineup at Puppy Bowl IV
Hank makes the starting lineup for Puppy Bowl XV
Hank and I at Puppy Bowl IV
Hank on the field at Puppy Bowl IV
Hank in action on the field at Puppy Bowl

Hank’s 1st Birthday

On Hank’s first birthday, I wanted to celebrate so I ordered a pupcake through Charlottesville Dog Barkery! It was awesome and Hank and Kasey loved it. Last year I didn’t because of Covid but I wanted to continue the tradition this year so I contacted Rod and he didn’t disappoint! I love getting the cake, staging it, and taking lots of photos of it! The cool thing is, Hank and Kasey will leave it and let me take photos of them with it! If you want something special for your furbaby, be sure to check out Charlottesville Dog Barkery!

Hank's 1st birthday
Hank’s 1st Birthday
Hank and Kasey eating pupcake

Hank’s 3rd Birthday

So here’s to Hank turning 3 and hoping for many, many more years of fun and excitement with this cutie! And be on the lookout for Kasey’s Happy Gotcha Day in July! Enjoy!

Charlottesville Dog Barkery Pupcake - Happy 3rd birthday Hank
Hank's 3rd birthday
Hank's Pupcake from Charlottesville Dog Barkery
Hank from Green Dogs Unleashed
Hank's 3rd birthday Pupcake
Hank with dog treats from Charlottesville Dog Barkery
Hank eating dog treats from Charlottesville Dog Barkery
Hank eating treats from Charlottesville Dog Barkery
Hank with treats from Charlottesville Dog Barkery
Hank with his Pupcake
Hank turns 3
Dog treats from Charlottesville Dog Barkery
Hank with his pupcake from C'ville Dog Barkery
Hank smelling his pupcake from Charlottesville Dog Barkery
Hank eats his pupcake
Kasey waiting for her piece of pupcake
Hank waiting for his slice of pupcake
Hank and Kasey waiting for their individual servings of pupcake
Hank and Kasey with pieces of pupcake
Hank eats his piece of pupcake
Kasey eating pupcake from Charlottesville Dog Barkery
Pupcake from Charlottesville Dog Barkery

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  1. SAYER says:

    Hank is SO cute! My dog eats Kleenex too 😉 I love the one of him in the wheelbarrow! He is a pretty boy!

  2. Courtney says:

    Oh my gosh, he’s a Puppy Bowl dog!?!?! This was such a sweet post, honestly, can’t go wrong with a bunch of doggo photos!

  3. Erin says:

    Hank is such a pretty dog! Doing a birthday celebration for him was such a cute idea!

  4. Sara says:

    Omg what a cutie! I love that you are documenting your fur babies story

  5. Maria Keegan says:

    I love it!! The picture with the snow if my favorite.

  6. Kim Wilhite says:

    Aww Hank! Such a cutie!

  7. What cuties!! We have a golden ourselves and they are the sweetest. We also have a ball obsessed Shepard mix lol! Happy birthday Hank!!

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