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Logan’s First Birthday and Cake Smash

September 13, 2021

Topsail Beach, North Carolina

I haven’t had the opportunity to do a first birthday and cake smash until now! My great-nephew, Logan is turning one on September 16th! So while we were on vacation for the annual Holmes family beach trip, we celebrated Logan’s first birthday and cake smash!

During our vacation, Logan got to meet the rest of the family he had not met including Michael and I! I have to say we were all smitten with this adorable little one and couldn’t get enough of his cuteness! And I have a family beach session with his Mom (Noel), Dad (Eddie), and his grandmother ( Maureen) that will post in a couple of weeks!

Noel is one of those people who loves to DIY crafts and Logan’s party was no exception! The turtles made of kiwi and grapes were truly adorable as was the cake, and cupcakes! And even my brother-in-law (Kevin) got in on the action by making a shark out of a watermelon with a mouthful of fruit! Check it out below!

We spent a couple of hours the night before the party setting up my backdrop and Noel’s decorations! I love experimenting with lighting and couldn’t be happier with the result! So I’m truly excited to share Logan’s cake smash photos!

I wondered if we could keep Logan focused on the cake in front of the backdrop. Would he get bored quickly and crawl away! But it was not a problem once he put his hands in it. Logan didn’t realize it was edible so he sat there for a few moments just putting his hands in it and then taking them out. Noel swiped her finger through the icing then into his mouth and he quickly understood. After that, he proceeded to make the cutest mess with blue icing all over his mouth as he continued to play in the cake and eat it!

Logan is such a good baby and I love watching Noel, Eddie, and Maureen with him! He is pretty content with whoever is holding him including his Nana so I was able to get great photos with his grandmother and great-grandmother!

Enjoy Logan’s First Birthday and Cake Smash. And be on the lookout for the Matias Family Beach Session!

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