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Sara’s Bridal Session

October 14, 2022

Reasons to Schedule One

Now that Sara and Chaz are married, I can share Sara’s Bridal Session! Bridal Sessions aren’t really a thing in Charlottesville where I live, but fortunately, a lot of NC brides still want one! I’m in love with doing them for many reasons!

Ample Time for Bridal Portraits

It gives the photographer ample time to create beautiful portraits without the stress of the wedding day timeline! So many weddings run behind for various reasons and a lot of time bridal portraits get compressed to just a few minutes. Photographers don’t have a lot of time to get really creative because they have to keep things moving to catch up! Bridal Sessions take that pressure off on the wedding day because you already know you have beautiful bridal portraits!

You Get To Wear Your Dress Again

Did I mention you get to wear the dress again? You spent a lot of time thinking about and finding your dress. Now you have it so schedule a bridal session where you can wear it more than once! Who doesn’t want another opportunity to wear their dress!

Trial Run For Hair & Makeup

Bridal Sessions give you an opportunity to do a trial run with your hair and makeup! It is the perfect opportunity to find out if you will really like what you have chosen for your wedding! Or if you’re like me and can’t choose between an updo or wearing it down, you can now do both. A bridal session gives you the opportunity to do one look for the bridal session and the other for the wedding day! That’s a true win in my book! Or maybe after the bridal session, you decide that isn’t what you want after all and now you choose a different look! You just can’t go wrong!

The Big Concern

A lot of brides worry about getting their dress dirty before the wedding and I get it! It is a concern but scheduling your session in a studio instead of outside will prevent that from happening! But if you really want that session to happen outdoors, schedule it far enough in advance so if you need it cleaned you have time! Or schedule the bridal session after your wedding! That way you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty and you can get the portraits you want with that gorgeous backdrop!

A special thank you to my sister, Shara, and my niece Salim for making this session happen! And be on the lookout for Salim’s bridal session at the end of the year! And finally CONGRATULATIONS Sara and Chaz on your wedding!

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