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Engagement photo of couple dancing in front of pond

Rhiannah & Jamie’s Engagement

December 14, 2022

A Madison, NC Session

I’m so excited to share Rhiannah & Jamie’s Madison, NC Engagement session! We met at our family farm pond. I’ve used this location several times now and it doesn’t disappoint. The fall colors were absolutely perfect for their session and the best part about it was including their son Colt.

One of my favorite things to do during an engagement session is to have the couple interact with other. I always ask them to kiss many times during the engagement session and had a good laugh when Jamie told me he didn’t think he had ever kissed Rhiannah so much! From then on every time I asked him to do so I gave him a hard time and told him I knew he was past his daily limit for kisses but could he indulge me one more time. By the end of the session, I think he was having a good time and I finally got some real smiles out of him!

I always take photos of the engagement ring and I was able to incorporate the fall colors in Rhiannah’s ring shots. I cannot believe how pretty those are. I’m just so in love with them. Be sure to check those out below.

I asked Rhiannah and Jamie to fill out a questionnaire for me beforehand so I could get to know them before we meet for their session. Some of my favorite responses from their questionnaire were from Jamie. I asked what his favorite quality about his fiance was and he said “She’s just beautiful!” And my second favorite was his response when asked what his favorite thing about being engaged was. He said, “Knowing I’m gonna be with her forever.” My favorite response for Rhiannah was her favorite quality about Jamie and she said, “Knowing that I’m gonna marry my best friend and partner in crime.” I adore these!

I also asked Rhiannah to tell me about Colt and she said, “He’s fun and an amazing kid. He listens really well.” She wasn’t kidding. I have the most adorable pictures of him! He is the most well-behaved child I’ve ever seen. I always worry children will have a hard time staying engaged and having a good time during a session. My niece Salim ensured me before their session he was well behaved and she wasn’t kidding!

Rhiannah and Jamie, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement and I cannot wait to document your wedding day this coming February!

family portrait waterfront
groom to be nuzzling bride to be
engagement portrait with fall colors and antique car
child standing in front of lake
child running towards camera on waterfron
couple gazing at each other during engagement session
couple walking together in front of fall foliage
groom to be hugging bride to be
couple kissing while child looks up at them
couple gazing at each other in front of fall foliage and lakefront
couple embracing behind child looking at photographer
child on lakefront
family holding hands in front of lake
child playing with leaves
engagement ring with fall foliage
family walking in field with fall foliage
child's portrait in front of water.
mother holding hands with her child at lakefront
child playing with leaf with water in the background
mother and child portrait lakefront
family portrait with lake as backdrop
mother and son walking together holding hands with lake as backdrop
couple looking into each other's eyes
couple embracing at water's edge
child on waterfront
couple standing by car with fall foliage in the background
family portrait in a field with fall foliage
engagement session during fall foliage
couple embracing in front of antique car
child on lakefront
couple in a field with antique car and fall foliage
family portrait waterfront
couple on dock kissing and doing a dip
couple kissing during engagement session
child's portrait waterfront
engagement session portrait with water and fall foliage

Enjoy Rhiannah & Jamie’s Madison Engagement session and to see more of my work click here:

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