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Engagement session at Maymont

Alison & Jamaal’s Maymont Engagement Session

May 3, 2024

I’m so excited to share Alison & Jamaal’s Maymont Engagement Session! Maymont is a gorgeous location for an engagement session and a photographer’s dream when it comes to finding beautiful backdrops for photos! We had a blast wandering around Maymont together and their session flew by! I truly enjoyed every minute with them!

Sending a Get To Know You Questionnaire after clients book is a great way to get insight into their personalities. And I find out things that I might not normally find out while we’re chatting on the phone or during their session or wedding day.

One of the questions I asked to Alison and Jamaal was give me two adjectives that describe you. Alison’s response was she was silly and kind. And Jamaal described himself as funny and strong. I can say that after meeting both of them I believe these are all true!

Alison initially talked to my sister, Shara at a Wedding Expo I attended as a vendor. Alison makes a point of asking me how my sister is every time I talk to her. It’s incredibly kind and I make sure I tell Shara that Alison asked about her!

Favorite Things

I always ask couples what their favorite quality is about their fiance and I always share those because I think it is incredibly sweet to see what they say about each other.

Alison says she loves how Jamaal loves her family and how he takes care of her when sick. Jamaal said his favorite qualities are her eyes, her personality, her caringness, her love, and her heart.

One of my other favorite questions to ask couples is what is your favorite thing about being engaged. Alison said “MY RING and knowing I get to marry my best friend.”. Jamaal said “What Alison said!”

Getting Engaged

Lastly, I ask them to tell me about the day they got engaged and Alison said, “December 17 we were at a outside garden that had Christmas lights. Our friends at the time wanted to take a photo so I took it for them. And then it was our turn. As I was waiting for him to come stand next to me. I turned my head left about to tell him to hurry up and he was down on one knee. I laughed and cried and told him to shut up.”

These two just make me happy and I can’t wait to be a part of their wedding day this Saturday, May 4th! Enjoy Alison & Jamaal’s Maymont Engagement session and be on the lookout for their wedding blog coming very soon!

groom to be kissing bride to be
Engagement session at Maymont
engaged couple
Engagement session at Italian Garden, Maymont
engagement ring
couple walking at Japanese Garden
Engaged couple kissing
engaged couple at fountain
engaged couple at Japanese Garden
bride to be kissing groom to be
engaged couple gazing at each other
Engagement ring
couple embracing on bridge
Engagement session at Maymont
couple walking at  Maymont
engaged couple gazing at each other
couple walking at Italian Garden, Maymont
portrait of engaged couple
couple interacting with each other during engagement photos
couple kissing
Engagement session at Italian Garden, Maymont
Engagement session at Italian Garden, Maymont
couple laughing with one another
Engagement session at Italian Garden, Maymont
Engagement session at Italian Garden, Maymont
Engagement session at Maymont
Engagement session at Italian Garden, Maymont
Engagement session at Maymont

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