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Rustic wedding reception

Rustic Wedding Ideas

March 8, 2021

Do you love the outdoors and want to incorporate your love of it into your wedding. Here are a few rustic wedding ideas to give your wedding that outdoorsy feel.

Rustic Wedding Venues

Choose a wedding venue that has a rustic barn for your backdrop. Nothing says rustic more than a barn! Charlottesville and the surrounding area have lots of options for wedding venues with barns. River Crest Farm in Elkton, Virginia has a lovely mountain backdrop and a rustic barn to boot! Wolftrap Farm in Gordonsville Virginia also has a great rustic feel. The Pavilion was created by converting an old equipment and hay barn into a great reception space and behind it is a lovely area to hold a ceremony!

River Crest Farm, Elkton, Virginia
River Crest Farm, Elkton Virginia
River Crest Farm, Elkton, Va
Bride and Groom Recessional at Wolftrap Farm
Wolftrap Farm, Gordonsville, Va
Mother escorting bride at Wolftrap Farm Wedding
Wolftrap Farm, Gordonsville, Va

Create a Rustic Ceremony Outside

Have your ceremony outside! If you choose an outdoor location you have a blank slate to work with and can add whatever rustic elements you would like! Hay or straw bales can be used for seating but you’ll probably want to overlay them with some sort of cover! A simple rustic arbor can be easily created to pledge your vows under.

Wedding Ceremony Venue Wolftrap Farm
Rustic Arbor at Wedding Wolftrap Farm

Wooden Logs

Incorporate logs! Nothing looks more rustic than a log. Slivers of a log can be used to set the cake or cupcakes on as well floral centerpieces and candles.

Trade Those Glasses and Vases

Trade your vases and glasses for mason jars! You can wrap lace around large mason jars to create your vase and you can use mason jars for you and your guests to drink out of.

rustic wedding reception decor
Rustic mason jar stemware

Milk Cans, Metal Buckets & Cans

Use old metal milk cans, metal buckets, and small metal cans to decorate your reception and ceremony. You can add burlap and lace to buckets and cans and put floral arrangements in them. You can also decorate old milk cans with burlap and lace and place an arrangement in a mason jar on top!

small metal bucket with baby's breath
Old metal milk can for wedding reception decor
metal bucket and ighted sign for wedding reception decor

Rustic Wedding Florals

The right flowers can also add to your rustic wedding theme. When it comes to your bouquet and floral arrangements, ask your florist for tips and advice on how to create your perfect bouquet. By avoiding flowers that sit neatly such as peonies, you can opt for roses, hydrangeas sunflowers, and lots of trailing foliage. You cannot go wrong with a cascading bouquet!

cowboy wedding boots with rustic bouquet
rustic wedding bouquet

Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Groom and groomsmen can wear attire that creates a rustic and casual feel and be super comfortable as well! Opting for a vest and casual pants instead of a tux or suit and tie can go a long way to keeping your groom happy on his wedding day especially if he hates to dress up! It’s your wedding and both of you should be happy with your wedding attire!

Rustic groom and groomsmen attire
Rustic groom attire
Rustic groom and groomsmen attire

Rustic Wedding Signage Ideas

Wooden Signs, chalkboards, and old wooden pallets can be used to direct guests, list the menu, and any other pertinent info you need to relay to guests. Plus, they can be a way to save money when planning your wedding and reception!

painted wooden sign for rustic wedding ideas
wooden pallet sign listing rustic wedding reception menu
chalk board sign at rustic wedding reception
chalk board signage at rustic wedding reception
Wedding reception decor

Rustic Guest Book Alternative

Choose a wooden guest book that you can later display in your home! Kayla and Chris did just that and now can display their rustic guest book on a table or hang it in their new home!

rustic wooden guest book for wedding reception idea

Old Wooden Barrels

Old barrels can also create a truly rustic feel. Again, adding that burlap and lace will give a unique rustic appearance to your ceremony and reception! Placing a beautiful floral arrangement on top softens the decor.

wooden barrel with flower arrangement as rustic wedding reception idea

String Lights and Candles

Using string lights behind sheer fabric and adding lanterns with candles give a rustic feel as well as create a warm mood at your reception!

Rustic wedding reception idea decor with string lights
Rustic wedding reception decor

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Who knew you can apply rustic wedding ideas to the wedding cake. Cakes can be decorated to add to that rustic feel as well! Naked cakes absolutely add rustic as nothing else will. And haven’t you always wanted to carve your and your significant other’s initials in a tree? A tree-inspired cake will display the visual representation of your commitment in confectionary form!

rustic tree-inspired wedding cake with initials carved
Naked wedding cake with flowers and large C for rustic wedding ideas

There are so many more rustic wedding ideas you can incorporate! I hope this gives you inspiration! Comment below with any additional ideas you have or have tried! And check out more of my work here:

  1. Great tips for how to add rustic charm to your wedding day!

  2. Sara says:

    I love these rustic wedding ideas! Beautiful photos.

  3. Stacie says:

    Lots of good ideas here! I especially like the unique looking cake at the end! Thanks for putting these rustic ideas together!

  4. Great tips on how to bring modern rustic in! Love this post!

  5. Maria says:

    Such great tips and suggestions. I love the rustic vibe.

  6. Kiersten Critzer says:


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