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Senior portraits of Taylor, Fulshear Texas

Taylor’s Senior Portraits

May 4, 2023

Fulshear, Texas

Part One

I did Taylor’s Senior Portraits last fall while Michael and I were in Houston visiting. I actually split her session into two different sessions for a couple of different reasons. First, we included her best friend Laina in her first session so I did some portraits of the two of them, together and then I alternated between the two of them. The second session focused on Taylor’s vision of a Western theme along with her guitar! It was amazing!

Taylor and I went on a shopping spree before her session as she told me she didn’t really have many dresses to choose from. She also told me she wanted to do a western theme and include her cowboy hats and cowboy boots. Her hats belonged to her great-grandfather and hold a sentimental meaning for her. I believe senior portrait sessions allow the senior to get creative and make the session reflect who they are and what their interests are.

Her hats were worn and misshapened and I wanted to see if we could fix that. We called Boot Barn and asked if they could reshape the hats and to our delight they could. Taylor and I went to the store and while they were working on the hats we shopped! We met a lovely sales clerk who kindly referred to me as Taylor’s mother! She made my day when I informed her I was her grandmother, not her mother! We found two dresses that Taylor loved so I bought them both.

Taylor also had a third outfit and she wanted a Western shirt to go with it so we kept shopping and found one she really liked! It worked perfectly with what she already had! I also inquired about a hat box and fortunately, they had one in stock. Taylor’s hats will be well protected now and ready to go when she decides she wants to wear one!

I will share those more casual images in a separate post as I have too many that I love and I want that post to focus on her and her future plans.

Enjoy Part 1 of Taylor’s Senior Portraits and you can check out more of my work here: Kimberly Jade Forbes Photography

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senior portrait playing guitar
senior laying down on ground
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senior portrait with cowboy hat
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senior portrait with bouquet and cowboy boots
senior portraits, Fulshear, Texas with bouquet and cowboy boots
senior portrait sitting on bench
senior portrait leaning against metal wall
senior portrait Fulshear Texas with cowboy hat
senior portrait leaning against wall with guitar
senior portraits against metal wall
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senior portrait with bouquet
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  1. Diane Southard says:

    I can imagine all of the emotions you had during the preparation and the photo shoots and then in looking at these fantastic photos 🥰
    Taylor looks like such a sweetheart and according to these photographs she is a genuinely deLightful high school senior with a solid hold on the reins and rarin’-to-go ! 🥰😍
    I love all the nooks&crannies of the “before” details. The hat, the hat shaping and hat box is a treasured cherry on top.♥️


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