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Taylor’s Senior Portraits

May 12, 2023

Part 2

I’m super excited to share part 2 of Taylor’s Senior portraits and I have to say these are truly my favorites! I love the other portraits but I feel like these truly show what Taylor was envisioning for her session! Taylor filled out my senior questionnaire before her session and I asked her what her style was and what landscape she wanted for her session. She said her style was boot cut jeans and cowboy boots. For the location she said she wanted “Rural/Farm (open fields, grassy areas, barns, etc.).” I think we nailed it!

Taylor’s Hobbies

I also asked what her hobbies are. While, I know most of them, I wanted to see what her answer would be. She said she likes to read, spend time outdoors, play guitar and when in Virginia, spend time with her horse! That last one is because of me.

Taylor’s 1st Horse, Spirit

When Taylor was around 8, she and Talan started coming to Virginia to spend time with Michael and I. At that time I had 3 horses one of which was a wonderful horse named Spirit. He was a gentle soul who was always calm and easy going. I asked Taylor if she would like to take riding lessons with me. She did so I scheduled lessons for the two of us every day I could manage it.

We would head out in the morning to Kenny Harlow’s for the day. Kenny and Taryn are good friends and although he didn’t give lessons to children under 13 he made an exception because I took a lesson too. Taylor loved it and Spirit was the perfect baby sitter horse to get her started. He tolerated Taylor learning how to manage her reins, how to sit properly in the saddle and give leg cues. Kenny commented to me a couple of times he was the perfect horse for her. Unfortunately she only got to ride Spirit for a couple of years before he passed away.

Larkin – Taylor’s Pony

It was hard telling Taylor that her horse passed away and I wondered if she could manage on of my other horses, Copper. He’s pretty easy going but he has his moments. It was a few months after Spirit passed that my boss, Connie asked me to take her large pony, Larkin. I wasn’t sure about this but I discussed it with Kenny and he told me to bring the pony to him for evaluation.

Larkin is bomb proof and fairly lazy. If you aren’t a horse person, you might wonder why some horses are termed bomb proof. Horses are flight animals so when they get scared they flee. Google how to spook a horse and you’ll realize some horses are incredibly spooky. Some examples are: an approaching bicycle rider, a squirrel or deer running across the trail unexpectedly, open umbrellas, a plastic bag blowing around, ocean waves rushing at them and balloons can really freak them out. It really doesn’t take much to spook them and I’ve spent a lot of time desensitizing my other horses to spook in place and not flee. An involuntary dismount from a fleeing horse is down right dangerous.

Larkin never spooks and when out on trail she just doesn’t react to anything. That’s perfect for a beginning rider. She is also lazy so she doesn’t want to gallup down the trail like a maniac. Both of these qualities are great when a worried grandmother takes her young inexperienced granddaughter out to trail ride. I spent a lot of time working with Taylor and getting her lessons with Kenny to keep her safe and she loved it all!

Taylor’s Longest Trail Ride

When she was around 13 or so I took her riding at Cumberland State Forest with my riding buddy Billy. It was supposed to be a short ride, 4-5 miles at most but we didn’t read the map correctly. We didn’t notice the section of trail not open to horses and couldn’t make a loop as we planned. That meant turning around and doubling back the way we came. We ended up riding around 11-12 miles and when you aren’t used to riding that long it can get really uncomfortable in the saddle. Taylor wasn’t in good riding shape but she handled it like a champ. And that pony took good care of her for all those extra miles. She did ask me a few times how much longer but she never complained.

Taylor’s Personality

Taylor is always a joy to be with and I have loved every moment spending time with her. I especially loved teaching her about horses. She is an incredible young lady who is always willing to help any way she can. If you ask her to do something, she does it without complaint. And she’ll do it with a smile on her face. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

Taylor is very active in her church especially in the youth worship band (RPM – Radical Praise Movement). She plays guitar and sings. Michael and I had the privilege of watching RPM lead worship remotely this spring. We wanted to fly down for this but I couldn’t work that out.

Future Plans

I also asked Taylor what her plans were after she graduates. She wrote “Nursing school!! I want to be a nurse anesthetist.” She applied to The University of Mary Hardin Baylor and received early acceptance.

Taylor, your Grandpa and I are extremely proud of you! We know you are going to excel at whatever you choose to do!

Enjoy Part 2 of Taylor’s Senior Portraits and you can check out more of my work here: Kimberly Jade Forbes Photography

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Senior portraits
Senior photo
Senior portraits
Senior photos
Senior photos
Senior portraits
Senior portraits with cowboy hat and boots
Senior portraits with cowboy hat and boots
Senior portrait with cowboy hat
Senior photo laying on side
Senior photo with red jacket and cowboy hat
Senior portraits with guitar and cowboy hat
Senior portrait with red jacket
Senior portrait with red jacket, jeans and cowboy hat
Senior with cowboy hat
Senior portrait with western theme
Senior portrait with red jacket and cowboy hat
Senior portrait with guitar
Senior portrait with red jacket and jeans
Senior photo with guitar and cowboy hat
Senior photo with cowboy hat
Senior portraits with red jacket, jeans and cowboy boots

Senior portrait with cowboy hat, jeans and western shirt
Senior portrait with cowboy hat, jeans and western shirt
Senior portrait with cowboy hat, jeans and western shirt
Senior portrait with jeans, cowboy hat and boots, western shirt
Senior portrait with cowboy hat
Senior portrait with cowboy hat, jeans and western shirt
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