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Senior portrait with diploma

Lifestyle Senior & Engagement Session all in one | Dan Daniel Park | Danville Virginia

March 22, 2021

My niece, Salim, graduated last spring with her associate’s degree in early childhood education! But because of COVID, a normal graduation wasn’t possible! We got together for the first time in over a year and she asked me if I would take pictures of her with her diploma! It turned into a Lifestyle, Senior, and Engagement session all in one!

We agreed to meet in Danville as my husband was getting his second Covid vaccine there and it is only about an hour’s drive for my family. I scoured the area for a nice park where we could meet up and Dan Daniel Park was perfect!

Did I mention Salim is also engaged? Her engagement to Ian will be a long one as they are waiting until 2022 to marry! I’ve promised her an engagement session at a later date. But, we added a few of her and Ian to the session so she would have some romantic portraits of the two of them!

You’ll also see some of my sister, Shara, and my BIL, Shannon. Shara says they never have pictures taken. And of course, you’ll see images of Salim with her diploma, with her parents, my mom (aka Grammy), and me! Lumping a Lifestyle, Senior, and Engagement session all in one seems a bit odd but COVID makes everything weird these days.

We are super proud of Salim and can’t wait for her to graduate with her bachelor’s! She has a little over a year left! Salim has chosen to become a teacher! Children are her passion so her bachelor’s degree will be in elementary education. She has so many milestones ahead…. can you tell I’m the proud Aunt! Congratulations Salim!!

Senior holding diploma
Senior portrait with diploma
Senior portrait with fiancé holding her diploma

senior with mom holding diploma on riverbank
Senior portrait with mother holding diploma
Senior portrait with grandmother at Dan Daniel Park in Danville Virginia
Senior portrait With parents at Dan Daniel park Danville Virginia
Senior portrait with mom at park in Virginia
Senior portrait with diploma
Senior with Aunt holding diploma
Senior holding diploma from Rockingham Community College
Couple beside river at park
Engagement portrait of couple on river bank at Dan Daniel Park in Danville Virginia
Engaged couple dancing in park
Groom nuzzling his fiancé on river bank at Dan Daniel Park in Danville Virginia
Engaged couple walking path at Dan Daniel Park in Danville Virginia

Engagement photo of couple on river
engagement photo of couple walking in Dan Daniel Park by the river
engaged couple chest to chest for engagement session
Engaged Couple kissing in park
Engaged couple on river bank at Dan Daniel Park
Groom to be picking up bride to be for a kiss
engaged couple nuzzling on riverbank
engaged couple laughing together on riverbanik
engaged couple walking on path beside riverbank
Groom to be kissing bride to be on riverbank
Flatlay with diploma from Rockingham Community College, Wentworth, North Carolina
Diploma Rockingham Community College

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  1. Jodi Stevens says:

    LOVED all of these!! Beautiful pictures! I love looking at all of your work Kim and especially ones of family!

    • Kimberly Forbes says:

      Thanks Jodi! It is incredibly rewarding for me personally to be able to deliver images to people that mark milestones in their lives!!

  2. Mandy says:

    What an exciting time! So fun to celebrate a graduation and an engagement all in one! You can feel their happiness in these photos!

  3. Court says:

    Congrats Salim on her graduation! And engagement! What an exciting season!

  4. Ashley says:

    I love the photos by the creek! So pretty

  5. Sara says:

    Congrats to your niece! I can’t imaging what its like going to collage right now.

  6. Vivian Ng says:

    These are such treasured memories for her and her family! Beautiful work Kim!

  7. Sayer says:

    This girl is SO sweet! You captured so much all in one session! That’s so awesome – you do such a great job! This girl is beautiful 😻


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